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Springers on the Columbia River

Springers are starting to show up around the Portland area with Bret and Tom running our Columbia river salmon trips. They will both be around the Portland area until the fish move up river to the wind and drano lake areas. They are starting to see more and more fish on the graphs with reports of bent rods! The guys are pulling flashers and herring wraps on the worlds finest fishing tools, Gary Loomis Edge Rods. Call Now to book your Columbia River Stotts Fishing Adventures.(208) 503-3878

Drano Lake Fishing

Drano Lake is a well know fishery to Pacific Northwest anglers. The Drano Lake Springers are considered some of the best eating salmon in the world. Because, the salmon are only miles from the ocean, the fish are rich in fat and oil. Anglers flock to this popular Columbia River backwater fishery. Average fish are in the 14-16 lb. range with many coming in lower 20’s class. As far as catching goes, you need to hire a guide. The Drano Lake is famous for its wind, finicky bite, and crowded boat ramps. And most of all, you better have the right bait when the fish move through

Techniques & Tips

We like to experiment and let the fish determine what will work. Early morning we typically fish shallow. Keep a spread and fish multiple water columns. Herring wraps, Prawn spinners, Super-baits all work at some point. Mix your baits up throughout your spread and keep your bait fresh. Don’t be afraid to experiment with scents as well trolling speeds. Be prepared to watch others catch as it’s all part of the fishery. Make sure you get there early, expect a crowded boat ramp when the fish are in


There are plenty of near-by lodging choices in the town of Dalles Oregon. Feel free to call our office and Lisa will be happy to take care of you. (208) 503-3878. Tight lines