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Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

As fishing outfitters and guides, we are in business to put people on fish. There’s a lot more that goes in to it than people realize and so many factors that effect success. Water flow, barometer, fishing pressure, water clarity, water temperature and just plain stubborn fish. I’ve always said that our fish on the Clearwater are unlike any other steelhead on the planet.

How can such a big fish have such a light bite. You fish these same fish over on the John Day river and you get that typical one, two and a head shake at the end. Over here, not so! It’s a game of patience and you better let the fish eat. There’s a lot of time that goes on between the time you feel like you’re getting a bite and when the fish actually has your bait. Just ask anyone of our clients that have fished with us and they’ll confirm what we’re talking about. This finicky bite is why we fish the rods that we fish.

Being able to distinguish the bottom from a fish will be the difference in you catching fish or not. For our fish, we choose the Edge 962 which is a very soft rod. The reason we choose a soft rod is to allow the fish to actually load the rod tip up and not pull the bait away.

These rods are not only soft but they have plenty of backbone to turn a fishes head when in fast current. Side drifting is a very difficult method but for sure the most effective to catching our Clearwater River fish. Key is to get on the bottom and have good bait. The next part is the difficult part that even good fishermen have a hard time doing….. Let the fish eat! I’m very convinced that the Edge 962 make our fishermen better fishermen. By the end of the day, from all the hookups they’ve had and hang-ups from our rock infested river, they can determine fish or rock. We’ve spent a lifetime trying to perfect what we do and with the help of Gary Loomis and the Edge rod company, we keep getting closer.

When making a rod choice here are some things to ask yourself before you make a purchase:

  1. Do I have enough backbone for the species I am fishing for
  2. What is the bite like. (Soft, Freight Train, Tap, Classic)
  3. What is the method I am fishing (Bait, Plugs, Spinners, Crank Baits, Top Water)
  4. Do I need length for casting great distances
  5. Casting Rod or Spinning
  6. Rod Weight (Am I casting all day or setting it in a rod holder)

Whatever we are fishing for, it will be with GARY LOOMIS EDGE RODS