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Grande Ronde Bass Fishing Trips

The Grande Ronde river boasts some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the country. Our float starts at the Boggan’s Oasis bridge and flows down 9 miles to the shoemaker grade. It’s not uncommon to catch a hundred bronze-backs in a days float and have a chance at landing a 5 to 6 pound fish.

Breathtaking Float Trip

We can fish up to 3 anglers in our drift boat and even offer multiple boats for our larger groups. Pitching jigs and cranks on light line tackle is a blast. If you haven’t experienced this trip, make sure you get on the books and cross it off your fishing bucket list. Besides the world class bass fishing you’ll be experiencing, the float itself is breathtaking.

Casting Plastics & Cranks

Although we like to cast crank baits, mini jigs and other plastics are prime baits. Our guides hit the soft seams and backwater spots that hold lots of fish. As you would expect, these fish are hungry and super frisky. Kalins Jigs and Power grubs are killer on our fish. Rapala’s Shad raps in the crawdad color works excellent where there’s river current. Most of the water we fish is 4-8 foot deep but on occasion, we find some deeper spots. Imagine casting all day long hooking 100’s of fish from a drift boat. Not sure it gets any better than this.

Big Fish

You want to catch big small-mouth? The Grande Ronde has you covered. It’s not uncommon to land 5 pound fish on this trip. Although we do allow our anglers to take fish home, we recommend releasing the big gals. Grande Ronde Bass fishing really is world class! And, Stotts has world class guides that love to fish the Ronde.