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How to Jig Fish for Columbia River Walleye

How to Jig Fish for Columbia River Walleye   Want our Columbia River walleye jigging tips? Jig fishing on the Columbia River is perhaps the most versatile technique in a walleye anglers tool belt. If you pinned us down to choosing just one technique, it quite possibly would have the word Jig in it. Our fishing guides have...

Columbia River Walleye Fishing Report: Stott’s Fishing

Walleye Fishing Report: Columbia River & Lyons Ferry  Mid-Columbia River Report The Pacific Northwest has tempered its weather which means spring-time walleye fishing. The Columbia river water temperatures are still hovering around 42° and we’re starting to see some bigger fish show up. Our guides are focusing on area’s that we typically know are walleye spawning grounds. This...

Columbia River Walleye Fishing

HOW TO CATCH COLUMBIA RIVER WALLEYE: CRAWLER HARNESS 101 Crawler Harnesses: Walleye Magnets Want to know how to catch Columbia River walleye, learn our easy Crawler Harness techniques and put more fish in the boat. If I had to choose just one bait and one bait only, there is no...