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Guided Snake River Fishing Trips

The Snake River in Hells Canyon area is one of Pacific Northwest’s fishing rivers that has lots of fishing opportunities in this sportsman paradise. There is not, many places in the world you can catch steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, bass while viewing big horn sheep, elk, deer, turkey’s, eagles, and other wildlife that roam the hill sides of the beautiful canyon. We fish the Snake River year around and access the Heller Bar area for most trips. Heller Bar is 22 miles up-river from the town of Asotin Washington which has nearby lodging options in the towns of Lewiston/Clarkston. Our walleye fishing on the Snake River is 1 ½ hour drive from the town of Clarkston Washington, down river from Little Goose Dam in the Lake Herbert Pool.

Lyons Ferry Trophy Walleye Fishing

We access the Lyons Ferry boat ramp and fish from the mouth of the Palouse River up to the Little Goose Dam and down river to the Lower Monumental Dam. Walleye fishing in the Lyons Ferry area is super productive in the spring with Trophy sized walleye being caught and lots of big number days. We have 6 full time guides that mainly live in the Lewiston/Clarkston area that know the Hells Canyon and Lyons Ferry sections of the Snake River very well. Feel free to look at our options below and call with any questions you might have about our guided fishing trips.

Looking to Fish

September – February

Snake River Steelhead Fishing

Guided Snake River fishing trips for steelhead in the Hells Canyon area starts early October and lies in one of Pacific Northwest’s most scenic areas. The Snake river steelhead are a little smaller in size from the Clearwater cousin but offer anglers an entirely different fishing experience. The Heller bar area is considered the Gate Way to the deepest gorge in North America and is where we access the river for most of our trips.

Canyon Views & Wildlife

The scenery is beautiful, and wildlife roam the canyon hill sides. The Snake River steelhead runs gets stronger throughout the Winter and our guides support that with lots of 20 fish days. Our guides love to side drift eggs as it’s easily the most productive method to catching fish but there are times backtrolling divers and shrimp can be deadly. Targeting steelhead isn’t the only game in town, combo your steelhead trip with some great sturgeon fishing.

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Clearwater River
Steelhead – Salmon

The Clearwater River, Lewiston Idaho is one of the top steelhead and salmon rivers in the Pacific Northwest. This is our “Signature” fishery and where we make our home!

Clearwater River
Columbia River
Salmon-Steelhead-Sturgeon-Bass- Walleye

The Columbia River is one of the greatest sport fishing rivers in the world that hosts salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, bass and walleye. We fish year around on the Columbia and provide lots of options to our fishing guests.

Columbia River
Grande Ronde River

The Grande Ronde River flows through a 3,000 ft deep canyon lined with basalt and Indian blanket hillsides. This moderate-gradient freestone river supports abundant wildlife and large population of steelhead and smallmouth bass.

Grande Ronde River
Buoy 10 Astoria
Chinook- Coho- Salmon

Astoria Oregon is one of the great fishing towns in the world. Great coastal weather and cool local vibe is as special as the world class fishing.

Buoy 10 Astoria
Hanford Reach
Chinook Salmon-King Salmon-Walleye

The Vernita/Hanford Reach area is a spectacular fishery that has the longest free flowing stretch of water between dams. The 50-mile stretch has crystal clear water, creating perfect spawning grounds for hundreds of thousands of fall chinook salmon.

Hanford Reach
Moses Lake
Walleye-Crappie-Perch-Bluegill-Large & Smallmouth Bass

Moses Lake focuses mainly on walleye, but we can’t help but to catch bass, perch, and crappie while targeting walleye. Prime fishing on Moses Lake is in the spring through the month of June.

Moses Lake
Potholes Reservoir

Walleye-Crappie-Perch-Bluegill-Large & Smallmouth Bass

Check out our Potholes Reservoir fishing. The Potholes is a great destination fishery for families wanting to catch lots of fish.

Potholes Reservoir
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    Looking to Fish

    Year Around

    Snake River Sturgeon Fishing

    The Snake River – Hells Canyon area host some of the world’s largest sturgeon that grow up to 11 foot and weight over 400 pounds. We start guided Snake River fishing trips during the spring, 22 miles up-river from the town of Asotin Washington. The sturgeon become super active with higher water flows and warming temperatures. We fish about a 20-mile section that is most productive for catching both shakers and over-sized sturgeon. Sturgeon fishing in the Hells Canyon area is catch and release only but, taking pics with your giant sturgeon in the water creates a priceless fishing experience.

    Best Sturgeon Fishing

    Our best sturgeon fishing is in the spring, but we experience some great fishing in early summer too. We try to give the sturgeon a break in the heat of the summer and shift our fishing to down in the cooler waters of the Columbia. The fall brings us some cooler weather back to the Hells Canyon area and our sturgeon fishing picks back up. We can combo your sturgeon trip with steelhead, salmon or bass all depending on time of year.

    Looking to Fish

    September – October

    Snake River Hells Canyon Salmon Fishing

    Fall Chinook fishing on the Snake River opens in August and fishes through the end of October. The Columbia River typically forecast a big run of upriver bright that a significant portion of the fish return to the Snake River. We start fishing the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater river around the towns of Lewiston/Clarkston. Once the fish start to move up-river we’ll access our trips from the Heller Bar boat launch in the Hells Canyon section of the Snake River.

    Trifecta Package Salmon-Sturgeon-Steelhead

    Each year the harvest retention changes but typically the state allows anglers to keep 6 hatchery Fall Chinook and no limit to Jack Chinook over 12 inches. Fishing is barbless hooks only as there are plenty of steelhead in the river this time of the year. We can combine your guided Snake River fishing trips with Clearwater Steelhead, Snake River Sturgeon or steelhead all in the same day.

    Looking to Fish

    May - October

    Bass Fishing Trips

    The Snake River has some excellent smallmouth bass fishing that definitely fly under the radar with Pacific Northwest anglers. The Hells Canyon is mostly known for the wonderful steelhead runs, giant sturgeon and picturesque scenery but for those who know, the smallmouth fishing can be incredible. There’s lots of pocket water and gravel bars that hold bass throughout the canyon. We’ll hole hop from our jet boats throwing shallow running crankbaits and grub jigs. Best fishing is spring and summer when the river drops back into shape from the high flows of spring run-off.

    Canyon has Spectacular Bass Fishing

    Hells Canyon bass fishing has no harvest restrictions, so we ask that you respect the fishery and our beautiful resources we have. We have 3 guides that work our Hells Canyon guided bass trips that will gladly combine your trip with some sturgeon fishing. The Hells Canyon area allows anglers to fish either Washington or Idaho license holders. Make sure you call us well before you book your trip to check on water flows and temperatures.

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    Looking to Fish

    Year Around

    Lyons Ferry Walleye Fishing

    The Columbia River seems to be drawing all the attention to walleye anglers throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you live in the Lewiston/Clarkston valley, you know the Snake River is a sleeper fishery that also is producing some trophy sized walleye. We make the 1 ½ drive from Lewiston Idaho and do most of our fishing between the Little Goose and Lower Monumental Dams. Lyons Ferry has a nice boat launch and campground for the camping enthusiast. Fishing in the spring is excellent around the mouth of the Palouse river and not uncommon to catch 30 walleye a day with some bigger fish. Although prime time walleye fishing is in the spring, summer and fall has some great fishing too. We like to troll crankbaits and worm harnesses and expect to catch lots of smallmouth bass along with your walleye.