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Clearwater River Guided Fishing Trips

Our Clearwater River guided fishing trips is one of the top steelhead and salmon trips in the Pacific Northwest. The river that is considered medium sized has some of the World’s largest steelhead and offer anglers 7 months of incredible fishing. Besides the famous steelhead run, the Clearwater has a wonderful spring salmon season in May and June. The state of Idaho opened fall Chinook fishing in 2019 with a successful hatchery program developed by state and tribal fisheries. The Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board limits the number of outfitters that can be licensed to operate business on the Clearwater, and we own 2 exclusive permits.

Full Time Guides – Custom Jet Boats

We have a team of 6 full time fishing guides that work exclusively for Stott’s Fishing. Our permits cover 50 miles of the Clearwater, starting in Lewiston Idaho and ending at the bridge in Orofino Idaho. Our guides have spent a lifetime fishing the Clearwater and all have nice custom jet boats that fish our clients comfortably. This is our “Signature” fishery and where we make our home!

Looking to Fish

September – March

Clearwater River Steelhead Fishing

When you think of steelhead fishing, you think about the Pacific Northwest. When you think about “Big B-Run steelhead, you think about the Clearwater river in Idaho. The Clearwater river has the world’s largest steelhead hatchery, Dworshak National Fish Hatchery which raises about 2 million baby steelhead smolts each year. The smolt every spring make their way to the ocean and return back to the Clearwater 2 to 3 years later, growing to 25 pounds. The giant fish referred as B- run steelhead, attract anglers to the valley from all over the world. Our guides fish steelhead for 7 months on the river with catch and release starting September 1st and keeper season opening on October 15th.

Home Grown Fishing Guides

Our steelhead fishing guides have fished the Clearwater most of their adult lives and make their homes in the Lewiston/Clarkston valley. Guiding on the Clearwater is still as exciting today as it was 30 years ago, and together our team has over 70 years of guiding experience.

Experienced Clearwater Fishing Guides

There are a lot of factors on your Clearwater River guided fishing trips that will determine success such as water flow, bait, pressure, seasonal changes and which section are holding fish. Our guides are on the water every day and stay ahead of the game along with which techniques are working. With seasonal changes, fishing techniques and our approach can vary. Early in the fall, the new fish that just arrived will spend most of their time in shallow, riffled water.

Side Drifting Super Effective

Side drifting from our custom jet boats is without a doubt the most effective method to catch Clearwater steelhead. It’s not uncommon to have double digit hookups and on many occasions land 20-30 fish in a day. Winter steelhead anglers that have experienced winter fishing on the Clearwater know this might be the most productive time of the year to fish. Steelhead tend to hang in the deeper holes and can stack up around the Orofino area, making for some big number days.

Lewiston, ID
5:17 am8:31 pm PDT
Feels like: 93°F
Wind: 1mph NNE
Humidity: 25%
Pressure: 29.88"Hg
UV index: 6
12 pm1 pm2 pm3 pm4 pm
106°F / 70°F
97°F / 66°F
100°F / 66°F
88°F / 59°F
90°F / 59°F
Columbia River
*Salmon *Steelhead *Sturgeon *Bass *Walleye

The Columbia River is one of the greatest sport fishing rivers in the world that hosts salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, bass and walleye. We fish year around on the Columbia and provide lots of options to our fishing guests.

Columbia River
Snake River
*Steelhead *Salmon *Sturgeon *Bass

There is not, many places in the world you can catch steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, bass while viewing big horn sheep, elk, deer, turkey’s, eagles, and other wildlife that roam the hill sides of the beautiful

Snake River
Grande Ronde River
*Steelhead *Bass

The Grande Ronde River flows through a 3,000 ft deep canyon lined with basalt and Indian blanket hillsides. This moderate-gradient freestone river supports abundant wildlife and large population of steelhead and smallmouth bass.

Grande Ronde River
Buoy 10 Astoria
*Chinook Salmon *Coho, Salmon

Astoria Oregon is one of the great fishing towns in the world. Great coastal weather and cool local vibe is as special as the world class fishing.

Buoy 10 Astoria
Hanford Reach
*Chinook Salmon *King Salmon *Walleye

The Vernita/Hanford Reach area is a spectacular fishery that has the longest free flowing stretch of water between dams. The 50-mile stretch has crystal clear water, creating perfect spawning grounds for hundreds of thousands of fall chinook salmon.

Hanford Reach
Drano Lake / Wind River
Spring Chinook Salmon

The Drano Lake and Wind River salmon fishery is super special. This section of the Columbia River backs up to the Little White Salmon fish hatchery where 100’s of thousands of salmon return every spring. These fish are considered some of the best eating salmon in the world

Drano Lake / Wind River
Moses Lake
*Walleye *Crappie *Perch *Bluegill *Bass

Moses Lake focuses mainly on walleye, but we can’t help but to catch bass, perch, and crappie while targeting walleye. Prime fishing on Moses Lake is in the spring through the month of June.

Moses Lake
Potholes Reservoir

*Walleye *Crappie *Perch, Bluegill *Bass

Check out our Potholes Reservoir fishing. The Potholes is a great destination fishery for families wanting to catch lots of fish.

Potholes Reservoir

Tough Resilient Clearwater Steelhead

We feel very privileged to operate our business on this World Class Steelhead fishery. Without the Nez Perce Tribe, State and Federal hatchery programs, our fishing wouldn’t be what it is. We respect the fish that have traveled more than 450 miles to return to the Clearwater and provide us with this wonderful fishing opportunity. The steelhead journey starts at the hatchery, flushes to the ocean, returns via the Columbia, Snake rivers and returns back to where they were born. This is a tough, resilient fish!

Most Popular Fishery

This is our most popular fishery and we have 6 full time guides to fish our steelhead anglers. All our guides are coast guard certified, insured, bonded, and first aid certified. Our team has really nice jet boats, and fish anglers of every skill level. Each boat can fish up to 6 anglers or as few as 2. Over the years we have fished just about every flavor of group there is… Family outings, corporate groups, buddy trips, ladies trips, father & son trips, Wounded Warriors, Make A Wish, MLB group outings, and folks visiting the Lewiston/Clarkston area. Thanks for trusting Stott’s Fishing Adventures on your next Clearwater River guided fishing trips.

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    Looking to Fish

    September – March

    Clearwater River Salmon Fishing

    The Clearwater river has an excellent spring salmon season that offers anglers a different spin to other salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. These salmon are the same tasty fish that are caught over on the Wind and Drano Lake area before making their way to the Clearwater. While trolling super baits, wraps and flashers on most of the Columbia’s fishing, we backtroll divers and eggs. Water flows in the spring can reach up 40,000 C.F.S so fishing with a guide is imperative. The Clearwater Springers make their way from Astoria Oregon, traveling up the Columbia and Snake Rivers to the Confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

    Exclusive Permit – Best Eating Salmon

    Each year, the season varies, and all depends on when the fish arrive. The State of Idaho will determine season opener and provide a quota of fish that can be harvested. Once the quota has been met, the season will be closed with an announcement. Typically, the lower part of the Clearwater around the town of Lewiston will open the 3rd week of April. Prime fishing seems to be middle of May to the end of the month. There are certain years that the salmon arrive late, and we are fishing into early June. Great weather and beautiful scenery make this a popular destination…. And the fishing is fabulous!

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