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Bass Fishing – Snake River – Grande Ronde River

The Pacific Northwest might be better known for salmon and steelhead runs but the smallmouth bass fishing is some of the most incredible fishing in the country. We are are a bass fishing guide service that has 2 premier fisheries that are within 45 minutes of each other that border both Idaho and Washington. The Snake River divides Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and it’s the heart of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

Hells Canyon Geological Wonderland

Hells Canyon is cut and created by the roaring Snake River which carved a canyon 1 1/2miles down through Rocky Mountain rock, making it the deepest gorge in America. The Snake is a geological wonderland and full of ancient history. smallmouth bass have lived in the river for 100 years, and there’s lots of them. Most days with normal water levels, our guides are able to catch 40-50 smallmouths per person. Most of the fish weigh 1 to 2 pounds but it’s not rare to find some larger bass in the 4 to 5 lb. class. Our Grande Ronde fishing trips feature a 9 – mile drift boat float trip, starting at Boggan’s Oasis and ending at the Shumaker Grade.

Catch 100 Fish Days on the Grande Ronde

The Grande Ronde might be small in stature but don’t let the size fool you. Every year we consistently catch 5 lb. fish and It’s not uncommon to catch 100 smallmouth in a day. We use light line tackle casting jigs and cranks. Once the river flows start to drop and the water temperature gets to 50 degrees, the fishing gets phenomenal. Best fishing comes in low light conditions, but we do guarantee at least 8 hours of fishing, most days even more. Adding an afternoon sturgeon to your bass trip on the Snake makes for an incredible Northwest fishing experience. The Grande Ronde and Snake River fishing trips are both accessible from the Lewiston/Clarkston area with lots of lodging choices

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Snake River - Hells Canyon

Picturesque Fishing

The Snake River/Hells Canyon has some of the best smallmouth fishing in the Pacific Northwest. You’ll experience some great fishing in one of North America’s most beautiful places. Wildlife roam the hill sides of the steep canyon and it’s very possible to see big horn sheep, deer, elk, turkey, eagles and osprey. The Snake River cut out the canyon walls that formed Hells Canyon. We fish the entry to the Gate Way around the Heller Bar area which is 40 miles up-river from Lewiston/Clarkston. There are rapids throughout the canyon that our guides run with our custom jet boats, accessing back water eddy’s and gravel bars where the smallmouth are living.

Pitching Soft Bait & Cranks

Our guides work “pocket water” behind large boulders, cuts in rocky banks and slicks along the river that have boulders and river rock. Crankbaits in Crawfish patterns are deadly off of points of gravel bars and Grub Jigs are the hot ticket in pocket water. Top water cranks can be really good at first light around the grassy areas of the rivers bank. We experience our best fishing starting in May, when water flow is on the drop. Both water temperatures and water flow play a major role that lead to great fishing. When the Snake River starts to drop into shape the fishing remains good through October. We have beautiful weather, cool mornings and nice warm days. We recommend that you combo your bass trip with some giant sturgeon to create a spectacular Hells Canyon experience.

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Bass fishing on the
Grande Ronde River

Bronzebacks On The Ronde

The Grande Ronde River in the corner of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho is quite possibly the most under-rated smallmouth bass fishery in the Pacific Northwest. The smallmouth move up on the Grande Ronde to feed and spawn every spring, when the Snake River gets cold. The Ronde comes to life with frisky bronze-backs that will remain in the river through spawn, and late fall.

Pocket Water Equals Success

The Wilderness stretch that we float has beautiful canyon walls, 2000 feet high and is only accessed by a drift boat. The Grande Ronde River is the Primary drainage for the Blue Mountain Range that runs from the Cascade Mountains. The river has lots of gravel bars that are desirable for spawning fish. There is plenty of faster water with riffles at the tops and long slicks with tail-outs. There are lots of pockets and back water eddies that make for great hiding places for bigger fish.

Grande Ronde Bass Trips Super Popular

Our Grande Ronde bass trips are super popular and very limited to the timeframe in which we can run our trips. Our float begins at the Boggan’s Oasis boat launch and ends 9 miles down – river at the Shoemaker Takeout. The Grande Ronde is definitely one of the hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest and once you make the float, you’ll see why. The river is small in stature but don’t let the size fool you, the fish are plentiful, and it hosts 5 to 6 pounds fish. Our guides fish in 19 ft. Willies drift boats throwing light line tackle on our Gary Loomis Edge fishing Rods. Very few people fish this river, the ones that do release most of their fish. While we make every effort to protect this special little fishery, we’ll happily send you home with some fillets.

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