Stott’s Fishing Adventures is a “unique” Pacific Northwest Sport Fishing outfitter.
3314 Meadowlark Drive
Lewiston Idaho 83501
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Sponsors & Partnerships

Stott’s Fishing Adventures has teamed up with the best rod, reel, tackle and scent companies. In building our fishing brand, we reached out to the industry leaders! Our vision was simple, create a  guide service that was different. Dad and I agreed on giving our fishing clients as much bang for the buck when fishing with us. In fact, Mel Sr said, “Make sure our clients experience the best”. Thanks to the sponsors and partnerships, our clients DO experience the best!

Part of our Family

As noted, we want our guide service to be different. Building friendships with our sponsors & partnerships as well fishing clients is part of that different. We have worked hard to build our brand’s reputation around fundamental core family values. This includes hard work, integrity, respect and loyalty. When we teamed up with our sponsors, they too spoke of these values. The Stott’s team is proud to say we have the best sponsors in the fishing industry. You can bet, that doesn’t get taken lightly. Thanks to Edge Rods, Diawa Reels, Pro-Cure Bait & Scents, Yakima Bait, Vortex Optics, Costa Del Mar, Gamakatsu Hooks, Yeti Coolers, Ranch & Home, and Whiteout Media.

Edge Fishing Rods

Woodland, WA (877) 746-3343

Edge – Innovative Materials

Our company is different! We sell directly to the consumer so we can eliminate retail markups. We own our factory and make the highest quality products without compromise. Edge Rods is relentless in our pursuit for new and innovative materials. Our connection to founder Gary Loomis allows us to utilize time tested, but ever improving manufacturing processes. Our quest to produce the lightest, strongest, most sensitive fishing rods in the world, never stops.

We Fish the Best

The day we partnered with Gary Loomis our guide service become a better one. Without question, Gary is the finest rod builder in the world. And, his team is second to none. Alex Maslov steers the companies ship and promotes the legacy of Gary Loomis. The entire Stott’s team fish Edge Rods! Thanks Gary, Alex, Steve and the entire Edge team.

Pro-Cure Bait Scents

Salem, OR (503) 363-1037

World Class Pro-Cure

Pro-Cure is manufacture of the world’s finest scents, made from real whole fish. Their egg cures, bait brines and bait dyes have been providing fishing guides, lodges and anglers world class scent for over 30 years. Only Pro-Cure makes their scents from real whole fresh bait and enhanced with blends of exotic scents and bite stimulants. Pro-Cure products consistently catches more fish than other brands. Our number one goal is help anglers catch more fish.

Secret Weapon

Our guide service depends on putting fish on our clients rod and Pro-Cure helps to make that happen. We are proud of the partnership we formed with the Pro-Cure staff. Thanks Phil, Steve, Jason, Annette and Meagan for the great service and wonderful products you provide to our fishing team. Mel Stottlemyre Jr

Gamakatsu Hooks

Tacoma WA (253) 922-8373

Gamakatsu Fishing Experience

Our company started manufacturing hooks in 1955. Today, they are the leading fish-hook manufacturer worldwide. The Japanese company is constantly testing new materials and striving to improve their product which already has set the standard for the rest of the industry. In 1992 Gamakatsu USA Inc. was established to provide Gamakatsu brand hooks to the U.S market.

Exclusively fish Gamakatsu

We’ve put our faith in using Gamakatsu hooks and our clients do too. Folks spend a lot money to hire our guides to not be disappointed in hooking and landing fish. We know when the bite is light, Gamakatsu hooks get the job done. Undoubtedly the best!

Vortex Optics

Barneveld, WI (800) 426-0048

Vortex Binoculars

Since 1986, we have been and remain an American owned, Veteran owned, Family owned and operated business. Dan and Margie Hamilton, the original owners moved to Middleton, WI to start a small outdoor retail store. In 2002, Vortex Optics was established. Today, the company is fast growing and well respected amongst its peers. They have a life-time warranty on all products.

Stott’s Official Optics

Stott’s guides carry binoculars in our boats for multiple reasons. First, we fish in remote areas with beautiful scenery and wildlife. Second, we pay attention to other anglers. Lastly, our clients enjoy our “more than fishing” guided trips. Thanks Vortex!

Yakima Bait Company

Yakima, WA (509) 854-2263

 Experience Yakima Bait

The famous lure company was founded in 1941. Today, the company is one of the top fishing lure manufacturers in the world, producing products under Worden’s, Poe’s and Hildebrandt brand names. The values that established Yakima Bait Company in its early years continue on with an unwavering commitment to producing the world’s finest and most effective fishing lures.

Our Guides #1 Plugs

We love our Mag Lips plugs on the Clearwater River and our cool partners at Yakima Bait Company. Thanks to Jarod Higginbotham for supporting our Cast 4 A Cure Tournament and making our guide service a better one. Good times and great friends!

Costa Delmar Sunglasses

Daytona Beach, FL (855) 692-6782

Costa Fishing Experience

We build the best sunglasses on the planet for those who live to be on the water. In 1983, a group of hardcore fishermen who were exploring the globe realized that their sunglasses weren’t as hardcore as their adventure. So, they decided to build their own. And Costa was born. Today, our mission is to create the best sunglasses on the planet for life’s great adventures.

Year-round Fishing

Our guides fish year-round and eye protection is a must! Whether we’re chasing Salmon in Alaska, Sturgeon in Hells Canyon, Steelhead on the Clearwater, Walleye on the Columbia, one thing is for sure, Costa Sunglasses are part of us. Thanks to Travis and Team Costa!

Ranch & Home

Kennewick, WA (509) 737-1996

Ranch & Home Experience

We are a family owned business and part of the Mid-Columbia basin for over 35 years. Our passion is to treat customers like our friends and neighbors! If you are thinking about heading into the great outdoors, we have you covered. It’s been said, we carry everything under the sun and have something for everyone! Grills, feed, trailers, fishing, hunting, archery, camping, farm equipment.

Family Business

Our good friends at Ranch & Home know how to take care of folks. The Dress family is first class in every sense. They are committed to helping out people through charities and foundations. Our guide service depends on their products and their first class service.

Yeti Coolers

Austin, TX (512) 394-9384

Yeti Cooler Experience

In 2006, we founded Yeti Coolers with a simple mission: build the cooler we’d use every day if it existed. One that was built for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than for the mass-discount retailers. Today, Yeti products perform when it matters most – whether that be an excursion into the remote Alaskan wilderness, chasing redfish on the Gulf, or just getting together with friends

Guide and Bear Tested

We fish year-round and have tested Yeti Coolers in the harshest elements. Our guides depend on keeping food fresh and beverages cold, days at a time. There is no doubt, Yeti products are worth their weight in gold!

Whiteout Media

Shakopee, MN (952) 797-4772

Experience Whiteout Media

Our company’s goal is to take your business to the next level through digital and print marketing and web services. We strive to provide client-focus marketing that exceed your expectations in terms of design and customer service and allow your business to excel. The professional staff is committed to excellence and creating high level products. Call today to discuss opportunities to reach your goals.

World Class Web Design

We searched long and hard to find a web designer and marketing company that could create our family vision. Well, we hit a home-run and found Derek Harwood of Whiteout Media. His relentless work ethic and passion to produce world class websites is here!

Daiwa Reels

Cypress, CA (562) 375-6800

Premier Fishing Reels

Daiwa’s first spinning reel was assembled in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world. From the beginning, Daiwa’s emphasis has been upon innovation and quality. The result is a long list of product features, design and materials that have become the standards for the fishing tackle industry

Trusty Worthy & Guide Tested

Our guide service guarantees we use the best fishing gear on our trips, Daiwa is part of that guarantee. Undoubtedly, fishing reels get tested to the limit. We feel confident in saying, clients looking to purchase a new fishing reel will choose Daiwa.