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Remembering Jason Stottlemyre

Jason Stottlemyre spirit is alive and reminds me every day to never take this life for granted. He’s the backbone behind our family strength and un-wavering love that we have for each another. For all of us that watched Jason fight his battle with Leukemia, it changed the way we looked at life. Jason was a special kid, and a great athlete too. He lived every moment of his life to the fullest. He cherished the times he felt good enough to go duck hunting with dad, or fishing with the family. There’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t think of Jason

The Story of


Life Lessons

The things that come easy for me today are working hard, loving my family, and enjoying this life I have. The hardest day in my life, come when I had to say good-bye to my little brother. Jason Stottlemyre passed in January, 1981 and from that day forward, I promised myself, I would never take this life I have for granted. My mission in life was to live it just like Jason did.

Sports, Hunting & Fishing

Jason was a special athlete, playing basketball, soccer, and baseball. People that knew Jason, would tell you he was a better pitcher than Todd and I. His favorite things to do outside of sports was to hunt and fish. He always looked forward to duck hunting with dad and fishing with his family. He did all this while getting chemo and radiation, not feeling good but never ever complaining. Never once did I hear him complain but we all knew that the side effects from the treatments was wearing on him.

Our Hero & Inspiration – Jason

I was just old enough to realize what was going on and the horrible effects of the dreaded disease but couldn’t barer to think about living life with him. There’s so much I can write about Jason and sometimes get lost in finding the right words. He’s my Hero in life. I have a beautiful wife, healthy kids, and a loving family which is all a blessing. With all this being said, I still feel the pain from his loss. I know that my Mom, Dad, and Brother still have those same feelings as well. Our family has such a strong bond and love for each other. We all know that Jason is looking down on us with a big smile on his face, watching us life our lives the way he did.

The Stottlemyre family continues to raise money for cancer research with hopes of one day finding a cure. Our Cast 4 A Cure Fishing Tournament in Lewiston Idaho will play a big part in that. Together, we can all help make a difference. I wrote this in honor of my little Brother, Jason Christopher Stottlemyre. Life will never be the same without him, but he will never be forgotten. I miss you little Brother

Mel Stottlemyre Jr.


Casting 4A Cure
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