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The Stottlemyres

The Stottlemyre’s, originally from Eastern Washington have always had a passion for the outdoors. They’ve lived a lifetime on ball fields, rivers and mountains. Together, they played and coached over 58 years in Major League Baseball, fished and hunted some of the best area’s an outdoorsman could only dream of.

Baseball may be the Stottlemyre’s passion, however fishing is their life. In the fall and winter fishing is what the Stottlemyre’s truly aspire to do.

In 2013 Mel Sr and his son had the opportunity to purchase Snake River Guide Service, and with this opportunity, Stotts Fishing Adventures was born. Today, they get a chance to share those experiences through their fishing adventures. The Stottlemyre family is proud of their heritage and their fishing business too.

Pride and

Following in Dad’s Footsteps

Baseball was a huge part of the Stottlemyre’s lives and still is today. Mel Sr, played for the New York Yankees in the 60’s and early 70’s. He was the pitching coach for the Yankees dynasty run winning 4 World Championships. Mel Jr. has fond memories of growing up in Yankee Stadium with his dad and brothers. The Stottlemyre brothers had aspirations of following in their dad’s footsteps.

Mel Jr. and brother Todd attended University of Nevada Las Vegas and both selected in the first round of the Major League baseball draft. Todd pitched 13 years in the Major Leagues and was part of 3 World Championships. Mel Jr pitched for the Kansas City Royals and ironically made his debut in Yankee Stadium.

Stottlemyre Trio 58 Years in Major League Baseball

Mel Jr. started his coaching career with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001 and became the major league pitching coach in 2009. Junior coached with Seattle from 2015-2018 and is currently the pitching coach with the Miami Marlins. The Stottlemyre Trio have played and coached in the Major Leagues for more than 58 years and counting.

Early Experiences
In the Field
Hunting and Fishing a Family Tradition

As a young boy, Mel Jr. began fishing rivers throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The family stayed busy during the baseball season and the offseason didn’t skip a beat. One thing that never wavered is they always found time for one another. Family outings were spent on Pacific Northwest’s rivers chasing salmon and steelhead

Hunting deer and elk in the Cascade Mountains was a big part of the family bonding. Mel Jr, along with brothers Todd and Jason were doing something that most kids never get a chance to do. Yankee Stadium was the playground for 8 months while the other 4 were spent in wall tents on riverbanks and mountain tops. The boy’s greatest memories might be fishing with Mickey Mantle and Thurman Munson. Meeting Babe Ruth’s second wife was definitely a highlight too!

From the Ball Fields to the Rivers

Mel Jr. is currently still in the game of baseball and makes his offseason home in Lewiston Idaho. Baseball has been the family’s life however fishing is their passion. The Stott’s lifetime of fishing experiences led them to an opportunity to become a fishing outfitter, purchasing Snake River Guide Service in 2013.

Stotts Fishing Adventures

Lifetime in the Pacific Northwest

The outdoor family fished their lifetime on some of Pacific Northwest’s prime fisheries with the Clearwater River at the forefront. Mel Jr is the owner/operator of Stott’s Fishing Adventures and also guides his clients in the baseball off-season. Stott’s Fishing employs 6 full time guides that fish year around on the Columbia, Clearwater, Snake, Grande Ronde, Cowlitz and Potholes Reservoir chasing Steelhead, Salmon, Sturgeon, Walleye, Bass and Panfish.

Mel Jr and his Dad have built their business around a team concept, just like in the game of baseball. They are really proud of their team of fishing guides and what they have to offer in each adventure. They have incredible passion for the sport and a special knack for making people happy.

Family Values aboard Stotts Fishing Adventures

The core values built around the Stott’s Fishing brand starts with hard work while dedicating every effort to provide the best fishing experience for our clients. We assure that our trips will be filled with fun and a great learning experience. It doesn’t matter the age or the ability of the fisherman, men, women and children, our wish is to provide an adventure of a lifetime and a guide service that people can be proud of.

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