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Meet Stottlemyre’s Fishing

The Stottlemyre’s, originally from Eastern Washington, have always had a passion for the outdoors. Above all, hunting and Pacific Northwest fishing was just a way of life for this family. Because baseball was a full-time job that took the family to New York City for the 7 months. As a result, the family traveled back and forth every year from hunting and fishing camps to Yankee Stadium. Most importantly, was they did it together as a family. As a result, that togetherness still shines through in the Stottlemyre’s fishing business.

Fishing the Pacific Northwest

Mel Jr. as a young boy, fished rivers and lakes throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Consequently, off-days during the baseball season were spent back east on lakes and streams, catching bass and trout. The Cascade Mountains was home to the elk and deer they hunted. Wall tents were their cabin in the woods for a better part of 6 weeks. Steelhead fishing took them to the John Day, Snake, Cowlitz, Columbia, and Clearwater River. Further more, late winter ice fishing on Potholes Reservoir and Moses Lake was on the menu.

Baseball Lead The Way

Baseball was a huge part of the Stottlemyre’s lives and still is today. Mel Sr. pitched for the New York Yankees from 1964-1975 and later become the pitching coach during the dynasty years winning 4 World Series. Following in dad’s footsteps, Mel Jr. pitched for the Kansas City Royals and presently is the pitching coach for the Miami Marlins. Younger brother Todd, had a very distinguished baseball career, pitching 12 years in the major leagues and winning 3 World Championships.

Meet the

Mel Sr. & Mel Jr.

The outdoors and baseball has kept the family very busy, however they always found time for one another. Some of Mel Jr’s fondest memories were growing up in Yankee Stadium with his dad and brothers. Fishing with their boyhood idols Mickey Mantle and Thurmon Munson was the coolest.

Today, the Stottlemyre’s fishing operation is in Lewiston Idaho. Their love for the outdoors and passion for sport fishing is exemplified through each fishing adventure. In conclusion, we look forward to sharing our experiences with you!

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Lisa Stottlemyre wears a lot of hats in our family business. She is the charming lady with the southern accent that handles all our phone bookings. Above all, she will be happy to help with travel and lodging arrangements to make your booking process a smoother one. Also known for being a great cook, you will find  yummy brownies and potato salad on Mel Jr’s trips. Lisa keeps in touch daily with the guides for updated fishing reports and availability. She also is our event coordinator for our charity fishing events. In short, she has her hands full!

Family Fishing

In addition, Lisa is also a fisherwoman, growing up in Georgia she spent a lot of time fishing with her dad. Most of their fishing was catching catfish and brim with her cane pole. After marrying into the Stottlemyre’s fishing family, consequently she got her taste of steelhead fishing. She still has the special pic of her 1st steelhead caught on the John Day River while fishing with Mel Sr and Jr. Well, if that’s not enough, in addition to shuttling folks from airport to lodge, she’s on top of all our fishing.

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Maleigha Stottlemyre

Born in Georgia, Maleigha was raised in a baseball family and spent time in the outdoors the Pacific northwest, Maleigha wasn’t your typical girly girl. For example, Maleigha’s first fishing experience came while on a camping trip to the Salmon River, fishing for small mouth bass. Subsequently, she caught her first trout in the Blue Mountains on Tucannon Lake at age 3. Meanwhile,  brothers Colton and Blaise enjoy more river fishing, Maleigha preferred mountain lakes.

In addition, you can find her hiking trails around the Portland area. Maleigha makes her home in Portland Oregon. She graduated from Washington State University with a sports management degree. Maleigha spent 4 years working in professional baseball and is currently working for Wyld . And, she also assists with our company marketing department and charity events. Maleigha is above all, a hard working daughter, grounded and motivated to do great things in life. In other words, successful!

Colton Stottlemyre

Colton and brother Blaise have experienced life the way his dad, uncle, and grandfather do. For example, growing up in a baseball family and getting to fish in the off season certainly has its fun. As the number one deckhand, he is a very good host on our fishing adventures. Colton’s first fishing trip took him down the Madison, fly-fishing with his Dad at the ripe old age of 3. However, his most memorable fishing trip was with his grandpa, dad, and brother when he caught his 22-pound Clearwater steelhead.

Colt is a natural, to clarify and excellent steelhead angler. Side drifting came easy and he’s a great coach for our clients. As a result, he has the nose for netting fish. Pitching was also in Colton’s genes, pitching 2 years at Shoreline community college. Most important, Colton works hard for his anglers and has a deep respect fo the great outdoors.

Blaise Stottlemyre

Better know as Beezy, he can also be seen netting client’s fish. Blaise spends time compiling video footage from trips after that, producing the final cuts. Although Blaise’s favorite fish to catch is small mouth-bass, he is an excellent steelhead angler. By the age of 7, he had caught an 18-pound steelhead, certainly not every kids could say that. Blaise’s fondest fishery memory is the 3 day jet boat trip up Hells Canyon.  Most important, it was a family trip, secondly, Blaise caught over 100 bass. Meanwhile, the youngest also had baseball in his blood.

Although he was a talented pitcher, Blaise like the grind of being a position player. Blaise played for Lewiston High and the Spokane Crew travel team. Currently attending Boise State and studying graphic design, he is super talented in technology and likes re-building computers. In addition, Blaise also finds himself cooking up some grub in a few popular Boise Restaurants. There are lots of reasons to love this fun loving kid, above all his heart is the size of a lion.