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Meet Our Pacific Northwest Fishing Guides

We are super proud to offer anglers the most knowledgeable, hard-working fishing guides in the Pacific northwest. We have 6 full time guides that work exclusively for Stott’s Fishing Adventures indeed make fishing their full-time job. Our guide service is committed to fishing the best equipment as well as offer premier fisheries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our guides were raised in the Pacific northwest in essence, have fished their lifetime on these very same fisheries. Most importantly, they offer professional experience and excellent customer service on the Columbia River, Snake River, Clearwater River, Cowlitz River, Grande Ronde River, Hanford Reach, Drano Lake, Wind River, Buoy 10, Potholes Reservoir and Moses Lake. Without a doubt, we love our team!

Diversity in Fishing

In addition to building a reputable fishing brand, it was important we hired the best fishing guides. Firstly, find fishy guides, secondly, explicitly build our brand and vision. We started our business on the Clearwater River in Lewiston Idaho. In addition, we now fish 11 prime locations for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, bass and pan fish. Most important, knowing when a client books a trip unquestionable means they’ll fish a full time Stott’s Guide. Our team stays up with the latest and greatest techniques when traveling to our rivers and reservoirs.

Coaching our Anglers

For the purpose of creating the best fishing experience for our anglers, our guides DO NOT fish along with clients. With this in mind, we’ll take the time to teach our clients to becoming a better fishermen. Without doubt, our guide service feels very good in saying that our guides take great care of our fishing guests. Thanks for being part of our fishing family.

Meet Fishing Guide

Stottlemyre Jr

Mel is Co-Owner of Stott’s Fishing Adventures as well operates guided fishing trips in his baseball off-season. Born and raised in Eastern Washington, Mel Jr. presently makes his home in Lewiston Idaho. He and his wife Lisa have 3 kids, Maleigha, Colton and Blaise in addition, all part of the family business. Mel is a licensed guide in Washington & Idaho specifically  fishes the fall/winter-time chasing steelhead, salmon and walleye.

Fishing Experience

Mel Jr. has been guiding steelhead trips on the Clearwater since 2002. He guided 5 years for Reel Time Fishing, after that went into business with his Dad. In 2010 Mel and Mel bought out Snake River Adventures as a result, hence the birth of Stott’s Fishing Adventures.

Following the baseball season, you will find Mel Jr. during guided trips, sharing fishing and baseball experiences with his clients. Mel and his Dad built a fishing brand around strong family core values.  Furthermore, we’ve incorporated that foundation behind every guided fishing adventure.

Species & Rivers: Mel fishes his clients in a 25 ft. Idaho Jet Sled equipped with a front windshield for Late Winter fishing. He chases salmon, steelhead, bass and walleye in the baseball off-season. Mel fishes the Snake and Clearwater River for steelhead but you can also find him chasing walleye on the Columbia River and Potholes Reservoir.

Why fish with Mel

Stott’s Fishing Adventures was a vision that Mel Jr. had when he moved the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley. That vision came to life and now they have a highly respected fishing business. Mel shares his life-long fishing experiences and an occasional baseball story on each one of his adventures. You’ll for sure enjoy his BBQ lunches and home-made treats from his wife Lisa. The hard work that went into building the families fishing brand shines through Mel Jr’s trips!

Meet Fishing Guide


Tom was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and makes fishing his full-time job. He makes his home in Clarkston Washington with his wife Jan, daughters Sawyer and Avery. Tom works year around for Stott’s Fishing Adventures, chasing 5 different species of fish on Washington, Oregon, and Idaho’s premier rivers and reservoirs.

Fishing Experience

Tom has 15 years guiding experience that covers Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He grew up in a fishing family and got his education from friend and guide, Pat Long – former owner of Snake River Guide Service. Tom worked for Clearwater River Company rowing drift boats, guiding for steelhead on the upper and middle Clearwater. His Clearwater experience led him to other opportunities that keep him busy on rivers throughout the Northwest. Tom is a licensed Washington and Idaho fishing guide and well respected amongst his peers.

Species & Rivers: Tom fishes a 25 ft. Wyatt Waters sled that is super comfortable for his fishing clients. He chases salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, walleye, bass, and pan fish year around. He’s an expert on the following rivers and reservoirs: Columbia River, Clearwater River, Snake River, Drano and Wind River, Buoy 10, Grande Ronde and Potholes Reservoir.

Why fish with Tom

Tom’s experience and passion for sport fishing is a true asset to our company. He is as detailed and driven as any guide on the river. His relentless approach to catching fish while providing an excellent service is felt on his guided trips. Tom has a quiet and confident disposition that’s well received by our fishing clients. The backbone of our fishing brand is our guides and Tom’s leadership raises the standard of that brand.

Meet Fishing Guide


Jeremy was born in Portland Oregon and spent part of his childhood in New Jersey. He makes him home in Pasco Washington with his daughter Autumn. Jeremy works year around for Stotts’ Fishing Adventures and is our Columbia River expert. He is a licensed fishing guide in Washington, Oregon and Idaho chasing Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye and Bass.

Fishing Experience

Jeremy has over 25 years guiding experience and an incredible resume. He worked 20 years for Great Alaska Adventures fishing 5 months out of the year mainly on the Kenai and Kasiloff rivers. He also fished the amazing saltwater fisheries that Alaska has to offer. In 1994 he started his own guide service, River Otter Guide Service that specialized in Salmon, Sturgeon and Walleye. Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge and an excellent fishing resume to fish full time for Stott’s. Jeremy can also be seen fishing the Northwest Walleye Circuit.

Species & Rivers: Jeremy guides in his 25 ft. Alumaweld Super Vee that is built perfect for the Columbia River fishing. He’s our Columbia River expert and specializes in Walleye and Hanford Reach Kings. He also fishes the Clearwater, Snake, Wind River and Potholes Reservoir. He fishes for Sturgeon, Salmon, Walleye, Steelhead, Bass, and pan fish.

Why fish with Jeremy

Our fishing clients are going to like this fishy guide! There is nobody more qualified to take anglers fishing on the Columbia River than Jeremy Eubanks. Super detailed, hard-working, and a tenacious approach to catching fish is in his toolbelt. He’s got 20 years guiding walleye anglers and is one of the best Salmon guides in the Hanford Reach area. He’s a great father and cares for his fishing clients. We are certain that when you book with Jeremy, you’ll become a better angler and experience a great guided fishing trip.

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Meet Fishing Guide


Stormy was born in California and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2003. He makes his home in Orofino Idaho with his better half Heather, daughters Brooklyn and Bristol. Stormy works year around for Stott’s Fishing Adventures and makes fishing his full-time job. Stormy chases Steelhead, Salmon, Sturgeon in Washington and Idaho

Fishing Experience

Stormy has over 15 years guiding experience covering Alaska, Washington and Idaho. He grew up fishing with his Dad and started his guiding career in a drift boat on the Clearwater River. Stormy was considered one of the top drift boat guides before jumping over to jet boat guiding. He has 5 years guiding Salmon anglers to some world class fishing up in Alaska on the Togiak River. Stormy continues to fish Alaska every summer before returning back for our Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Columbia and Clearwater Rivers.

Species & Rivers: Stormy fishes out of 24 ft. HCM sled that is comfortable and fishy. He chases Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon on the Columbia, Snake and Clearwater Rivers. His favorite fish to chase is Steelhead and is considered one of the top guides on the Clearwater River.

Why fish with Stormy

Stormy become one of the hottest fishing guides on the Clearwater River after buying a jet boat. His drift boat knowledge and uncandid ability to smell out fish has made him a popular man with our clients. Our company is fortunate to have such a diverse fishing guide that is passionate about his trips. He is a great father and family man and treats his clients like family. Clients that have booked with Stormy, know about Heather’s wonderful potato salad and treats. We hear all the time about his awesome customer service. We are proud of our guides and the day we added Stormy to our line-up, we became a better fishing outfitter.

Meet Fishing Guide


Bryan was born and raised in Eastern Washington and fishes year around as a full-time guide. He makes his home in Orofino Idaho with his wife Tammy and daughter Skyler. Bryan works full time for Stotts Fishing Adventures and also owns Swift Water Outfitters drift boat company. Bryan fishes year around in Washington, Oregon and Idaho chasing Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon.

Fishing Experience

Bryan has fished all his life and been a licensed fishing guide for over 20 years. His guiding career started with his uncle Roger Monger, drift boating the Clearwater River. Bryan fishes every year in Alaska chasing King Salmon before coming back to working the Buoy 10 fishery. He has over 20 years guiding experience on the Clearwater with 10 being in a jet boat. He’s an excellent Snake River guide for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon as well. Bryan is one of the most respected fishing guides in the Orofino area has a great fishing resume.

Species & Rivers: Bryan fishes from a 23 ft. Riddle Marine sled that has a wide, comfortable fishing platform. He fishes the Clearwater River, Buoy 10, Snake River, and Columbia River for Steelhead, Salmon, Sturgeon and Walleye. He expertise is side drifting!

Why fish with Bryan

Bryan was the first guide that our company hired and has been one of the steadiest fishing guides in the Industry. He is an excellent drift boat guide and quite possibly a better jet boat guide. His wealth of knowledge and calm demeanor makes him a company favorite. He’s a great coach and has lots of patience for family outings. This guy is a steady as they get and has help put Stott’s Fishing on the map. Our clients that have fished with Bryan, know what we are talking about.